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Panama fun facts.
1 - Panama has NO hurricanes
2 - Panama has a thriving Metropolitan city in Panama City
3 - Panama has secure banking institutions
4 - Panama has a climate for everyone, city, beaches, mountains
5 - Panama uses the US Dollar as its currency
6 - Panama is a short flight from many major cities in the USA
7 - Panama has many English speaking folks, Spanish is the main language
8 - Panama welcomes foreigners to live and work.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Panama's Metro Bus System

Day 296 Tuesday (Martes) - Panama City

Becoming more of a local here in Panama.
So we are taking the plunge to learn the Metro Bus system here in Panama City so we can ditch the car and get around. Sure we walk to most places but there are some far reaching places we would like to go and don't because we just do not want to take the car. Living in any major city in the world can be a breeze if you can avoid the traffic jams, so we walk, but going to some places requires a ride so why not the bus?

The bus card costs $2.00 and you can recharge it in any amount from $0.50 to $50.00. The new Metro Bus system has been in operation for a couple of years now and is still charging the rate of $0.25 per ride to stay inline with the old Diablo Rojo's until they are completely cleared from the streets of Panama. Once the Diablo Rojo's are gone the rate is due to adjust to $0.45 to get around the city.

The bus cards can be purchased at most supermarkets and pharmacies. We bought ours at the MetroX pharmacy on Calle 50, real simple process. Then we immediately put $5.00 on them to begin our bus journey's.

Next step in making Panama City a First World City is the work being done on the new metro subway lines due to be completed in 2014. With new buses and new trains Panama will increase both their business and tourism.  Come and catch the wave.

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